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by topthis808 on April 7, 2014

I’m excited for this episode!

For those of you that closely follow the ever popular variety show, Running Man, then you probably know who will be featuring on an upcoming episode.

Caught by onlookers and fans, it seems that Dara, Minzy and CL from 2NE1 along with the 2pm members will be joining the Running Man cast for an upcoming episode. Unsure to what exactly will be happening during this particular episode, we get a glimpse at a pair of dogs, along with the members orange, blue and green sweat jackets. Seeing that this episode may not be out for another few weeks, what can we expect to see from the charming 2PM members along with the ever surprising 2NE1 girls?

SOURCE: YGLadies2ne1Fansite

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  • Stephanie L.

    You guys Park Bom is in there too! 😀

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