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“We Got Married” Taemin & Naeun Episode 6 [FULL]

by takamaJune 2, 2013

We Got Married Taemin & Naeun Ep 6

The fun in the kitchen continues with Taemin and Naeun

Taemin and Naeun continue to have trouble cooking in the kitchen. But they don’t get discouraged and their enthusiastic attitude shows as they continue to master the skills of the kitchen. Taemin keeps a close watch on Naeun as she tries to peel the pear. He tells her to stop and even moves her thumb out of the way at one point so she doesn’t cut herself. Although they seem helpless in the kitchen, their adorable personalities make up for it. Later on they’re back in the kitchen and do the test that Jo Jung Chi and Jung In did in an earlier episode where they cross their arms and hold each other’s hands. They then try to separate their arms and if they cannot be separated that means they make a good couple.

Meanwhile Jo Jung Chi and Jung In spend some with friends at a temple. On their way there in the car, Jung Chi re-lives the glory days as he sings and dances to a S.E.S song. SHINee keeps popping up in their conversations as well. Once at the temple they learn how to properly bead string and they seem like they struggled with the proper technique. This ultimately makes it more entertaining for us to watch especially since they get punished if they do not bead the string correctly. They continue to struggle with their tasks throughout the day, but at least they had a good time.

Jinwoon and Joonhee are now on their honeymoon! The two enjoy a delicious looking meal together. Jinwoon seems to only have eyes for the food. Later on they go to an outdoor spa area where they chat and Jinwoon brings up Joonhee’s driving lesson in one of their earlier episodes. Jinwoon makes it up to her by giving an aggressive massage. They finally arrive at their honeymoon suite, which is adorned with candles and rose petals. Joonhee pulls hot Mickey Mouse-inspired couple tees as the two unpack.

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